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Time of the Month £1 Challenge

Periods are a stressful, painful time for adolescent girls and women. Imagine, then, having to go through this with no way of buying any sanitary items. Many girls in the nearby villages use banana fibres, leaves, paper and clothing, and are unable to access safe, sanitary water to keep themselves clean. Worryingly, many girls are forced to skip school at this time every month for fear of being bullied and embarrassed. This is around one month per term that they miss of school causing their education to suffer.

One pack of sanitary pads costs 3,500UGX - this is 80p. Most village families earn less than £1 a month so the price  of a pack of sanitary pads is not possible.

The Time of the Month project is simple: We need as many people as possible to donate just £1 for a pack of sanitary pads for a young girl in Uganda each month. With just £1 you can help a girl get through her Time of the Month with ease!

Donations of any amount are welcomed but we hope that by asking for this small amount each month, we can get more people involved in this simple but effective scheme.


Will you give £1 per month to help a girl have a stress-free