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Psychosocial Support & Care Projects

Many orphaned children have experienced multiple losses and suffer from a severe lack of confidence and self-worth, along with feelings of fear, hopelessness and sadness. It may be the prolonged caring of, or the death of sick parents; HIV related stigma and discrimination; or the struggles of living with the illness: all of these things can have a profound effect on orphaned children. The damaging consequences are diverse both socially and psychologically. In many cases little is done to assist orphans and vulnerable children psychosocially, often because caretakers and teachers lack the ability to identify psychological and social problems. It is culturally accepted that children do not have emotional problems and indeed, there is little knowledge of how to handle these problems if they are identified.

Children face overwhelming family responsibilities after the death of their parents and require extra support to regain a sense of security. ACO-Africa aims to meet the emotional, social, mental, physical and spiritual needs all of the children and vulnerable groups we serve.


Through Naama Psychosocial Counseling Project, ACO-Africa works to provide psychological support to vulnerable children and youth in Naama Parish of Mityana district. We wish to strengthen their inner resources to overcome the many challenges they face in day-to-day life. The project involves supporting orphans, HIV positive children and youth through counselling, care, guidance, education and awareness on rights, sexual reproductive health education and basic life skills. Over 250 children are currently being supported in this project.

Sufficent Kits Support

Many of the families in rural communities in Uganda are facing overwhelming challenges brought on by the orphan crisis. Under the strain of caring for up to ten or more children, elderly grandparents, single mothers and children struggle to continue working in their traditional capacities to support their households. The reality for many of these families is that they simply cannot afford the costs to support their growing families. Because of this crisis, ACO Africa provides Sufficient Kits which include mattresses and blankets, clothing items and shoes, food and nutritional supplements to the most vulnerable families.