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Christmas is a fun and festive time of year looked forward to by millions all over the world. The sights, sounds and smells bring Christmas cheer to so many and it is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate. However, for many of the elderly people and vulnerable families in rural communities of Uganda, this is not a possibility. Some families

go without a single meal on this special day.

Due to the orphan crisis in Uganda, many grandparents have taken on the role of looking after their grandchildren. This means they have no choice but to continue working and living in harsh conditions to provide basic needs, security and a decent standard of living for themselves and their grandchildren. In other cases, parents are having to care for both their elderly family members and younger children. This is a huge struggle when most families in Uganda earn less than £1 every month.

Let's help ease their burden!

Your support last Christmas enabled ACO Africa to provide Christmas dinners to 30 elderly people and their families in Mityana and Masaka district. We’d love to put smiles on even more faces this year and help over 40 families! Just £10 provides a Christmas dinner and some other basic household necessities for a family in need in Uganda.

Packages to include:

• 2kg of sugar (8000UGX)

• 2kg of salt (5000UGX)

• 2kg of rice (7600UGX)

• 1kg of beef (10,000UGX) - this will be a huge treat for families who can never afford meat.

• 1 loaf of bread (4500UGX) - another treat, families very rarely can afford bread.

• 2x bars of soap (6000UGX)

• 2x boxes of matches (2000UGX) - this can last up to 1 year!

The situation of elderly people and families in the poverty struck rural areas gives us the following haunting facts:

• The majority suffer from illnesses, psychotic disorders due to depression and dejection.

• They suffer from certain diseases caused by not eating healthy food or going without food altogether.

• They have a very limited social life.

A small Christmas package can make their Christmas special. Abaana Community Outreach Africa will provide Surprise Christmas Packages to 40 elderly people and vulnerable families whose hope for happiness and care are vanishing. By providing these families with nourishment this Christmas, they will feel included and cared for. They can come together as a family and have a Merry Christmas for this one day at least.

The Spotlight Project focuses on areas that require urgent

support. Once a project is complete, a new one will replace it.

Current Project: Christmas Cheer!