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Kampala, Uganda

£4060 was raised to buy a vehicle for ACO-Africa which has provided vulnerable people with vital access to hospital and rehabilitative care.

As a small organisation, supported mainly by volunteers, ACO-Africa relied on costly hired transport to take their clients to hospital, sometimes over 80km to the capital city, Kampala. Local health centres are regularly under-resourced, meaning good transport is essential. Currently, emergency health care cannot always be accessed, and vulnerable people must sometimes wait for transport to be available, putting lives at risk.

ACO-Africa also provides home-based support to the vulnerable and sick in rural communities. These individuals and families sometimes live up to 100km away, accessible only by hazardous mud roads. A high quality vehicle is essential for this work.

ACO-Africa Vehicle

Last Christmas, ACO Africa raised £450 to provide vulnerable families in Uganda with a Christmas dinner (Ugandan style!) after a Christmas Project fundraising effort. While we were getting ourselves ready for Christmas - buying presents, decorating the house, stocking up on food - ACO Africa wanted to help the families in Uganda who have never had enough to eat.


We decided to give these families a feast on Christmas! Most of these families are orphaned HIV+ children being cared for by elderly grandparents. We provided 43 families with meals on Christmas Day and extra bits to keep them going throughout the year.

We bought 43 families:

2kg of sugar

2kg of salt

2kg of rice

1kg of beef

1 loaf of bread

2 bars of soap

2 boxes of matches

All the families were incredibly grateful and we hope to do a fundraiser like this every year.

Christmas Project

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