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This is where a family will be provided with an animal for rearing which will earn them a household income. This can be done with chickens, pigs, goats or cows. This is a sustainable project because each family is required to give back two offspring which will enable us to provide another family with animals to rear, and this continues!

Post a Pig

One piglet ready for rearing costs around £28 and takes 3 months to rear. Each pig has an average of 8 piglets. The family can sell 6 (each piglet sells for around £15) and keep 2 which will grow and in turn have their own piglets.

Provide Some Poultry

One chicken costs £9. Each egg sells for 1p and the chicks will be sold for the above price once fully grown.

Give a Goat

One goat costs £40. Families can earn money by selling goat's milk and offspring. One kid sells for £17.

Contribute a Cow

One cow costs £200. If a cow gives birth, after one year the offspring can be sold for £349 or more (if it has been cared for well). Milk is sold for £28 per litre.

Provide a family with an animal