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Families in rural Uganda typically live in mud huts with tin roofs. These are traditional houses, usually small with a simple living area and bedroom. Some families cannot afford even these basic houses and ACO Africa has discovered families living in very unsafe and unsanitary conditions. This project is designed to provide struggling families with shelter. ACO Africa strives to ensure all families can live with a roof over their heads. Children without suitable housing are at risk of serious illness.


The following information is an example of a family helped by ACO Africa:


We found four young orphans and their uncle living in terrible conditions in a small mud hut that was falling apart. Steven is fifty, Yudah is nine, Tony is six, Edith is five and Jane is four. They did not have enough to eat, they had only one mattress and blanket between the five of them, and they did not have clothes or shoes.

To make matter worse, a few days after being visited by ACO Africa, their house (which belonged to someone else) was demolished and they became homeless. They stayed for a few days under a tree with no shelter before building a very small straw shelter (see below). This shelter has no roof, no toilet, terrible hygiene conditions and all the children are very malnourished.

ACO Africa built the family a small but warm and stable house with three rooms, mattresses and blankets, a toilet, kitchen area and eventually they will have a vegetable patch so they can become self-sufficient. We have helped the children join a local school and provided clothing and school equipment.

The house cost £550 to build and an extra £65 to provide the family with mattresses, blankets, mosquito nets, cups, plates, jerry cans, soap, maize, floor mats and other necessities. Please help us help more families like this.


Building a House, Creating a Home