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Healthcare Projects

Abaana Community Outreach Africa works closely with clinical and health partners to ensure that the orphans and vulnerable children we work with can receive the services they need. These include referrals for healthcare; health promotion education (i.e. hygiene and sanitation) through home visits and peer education; and direct health services through palliative and home-based care for HIV affected households. We work closely with health and community hospitals in our areas of operations to link orphans and vulnerable children with health services including malaria prevention and treatment, prevention of common childhood illnesses and HIV/AIDS clinical care; voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) services; and ARV treatment for HIV positive orphans, vulnerable children and HIV-positive women. Moreover, ACO-Africa reaches out to schools and communities to promote proper hygiene and sanitation (PHAST).

Time of the Month Challenge

Periods can be a stressful and painful time for girls, especially if you cannot afford any sanitary items. The Time of the Month project is simple: We need as many people as possible to donate just £1 each month to support a girl with a packet of sanitary pads.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Many families in rural Uganda do not have access to safe, sanitary water. They are forced to collect and drink water from stagnant ponds which are filled with bacteria and can cause serious illness. Help us provide water pumps, shallow wells and water containers for these communities.

Reproductive Health Awareness

ACO-Africa promotes reproductive health among young people. We organise sex education classes to improve knowledge among children aged 8-18 years in rural primary and secondary schools. We do this as a strategy of HIV/AIDS prevention and in the hope of reducing unsafe sexual behaviour among young boys and girls. We use participatory and psychosocial methods to empower children, parents, teachers and communities in human rights, equality, gender, sexual health and STDs/HIV/AIDS prevention.

Disability & Medical Support

ACO-Africa strives to provide support to all those in need. Those with disabilities and illnesses are particularly vulnerable and require special support. Due to poverty, families cannot afford transportation to medical facilities or the medication that is needed. This means illnesses go untreated and those who are disabled receive little to no help. ACO Africa identifies these individuals and provides the required care and support, so they can live a happier and healthier life.