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The Family Enterprise Education initiative aims to empower disadvantaged families with a capacity for income generating activities. We provide small business loans and business training which includes information on planning, establishing, managing and maintenance of their small businesses or the income generating activities in their households. We encourage the beneficiaries to propose individual business ideas and we discuss it in great detail to see if they are profitable and sustainable businesses.

We encourage the groups to consider: how to start; what resources they need in order to start; what it will cost; where to get resources from; who their customers are; what they can buy; and who else sells the same goods. Current business ideas include making mats, rearing pigs and chickens, making clay bricks, running a small shop, agriculture, selling coffee, second hand clothes, firewood, charcoal and alcohol. We hope that these small businesses can generate some/enough income to provide savings and allow them to meet their other basic needs. Thanks to the income generating aspects of this programme, families are better equipped to meet the basic needs of their families. They can afford basic necessities such as salt, paraffin, school fees, and nutritional supplements for dietary food intake, better clothing and health services like ARVs (HIV-drugs) expenses.

£315 will help 15 families in the community establish sustainable businesses and earn an income to provide a better quality of life for their families.


The loan works on a revolving scheme: when the business makes enough of a profit to pay off the loan, the money goes back into the scheme to help other families.


Under this scheme we also have Community initiative where community members join together on a project and a Women’s Own initiative where we focus on vulnerable women in the community.

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