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Economic Empowerment Projects

The Post a Pig initiative provides families with an animal for rearing. The project utilises chickens, pigs, goats and cows, and can earn the family an income through selling offspring, milk and eggs. It is a sustainable project for both the families and ACO Africa because each family is required to donate two offspring back to the project.

Post a Pig

The Family, Enterprise and Education initiative aims to empower disadvantaged families with a capacity for income generating activities. ACO Africa provides small business loans and business training, which includes information on planning, establishing, managing and maintenance for their businesses and income generating activities.


One of the biggest struggles for families in rural Uganda is earning enough money to live comfortably. Most families earn less than £1 per month therefore basic care is often neglected and school fees are an impossibility for the children. This is particularly difficult for the HIV+ community. ACO Africa adopts strategies to strengthen families of orphans and vulnerable children by engaging children from child headed households, caregivers, out-of-school youth, and rural community women in income-generation activities and other economic strengthening interventions.